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Addictive haircuts for kids

We already talked about Manly haircuts, now lets look at Kids haircuts. You already know that we like salon franchises because they are simple to operate, it’s fairly recession proof, labor costs are low and supplemented with tips, no perishable supplies, brand loyalty has been low in the past with Fantastic Sams and Best Cuts types being identical, and kids "experience" business are here to stay. Getting your haircut is usually not an experience one normally looks forward to, that why we believe themed salons are a great hook. This is especially true for kids haircuts. Kids are all about the "experience" and have undeserved power in deciding where to go. Here steps in Snip Its. Check out their web site for a sense of how creative the place is designed. They cater to children of course, but also accomodate parents so the whole family can get their haircut simultaneously. What are some special and creative attractions at this kids salon? Glamour Parties Snip-its Glamour Parties make girls gorgeous! A glamour party allows girls to act like divas for a day by offering hair braiding, curling and styling as well as nail polish and make-up application. Dressy clothes are provided to complete the look. The culmination of the party is a stroll on the catwalk followed by cake and favors provided by Snip-its. Snip-its even provides a camera to capture all of the fun. Style-a-Doll Parties (Launching at Snip-its this summer!) At Snip-its’ Style-a-Doll Parties, attendees each receive a doll inspired by Snip-its’ trademark characters, the Clipette sisters – Marlene and Charlene. The dolls have been specially created so that birthday guests can style their hair with hair clips and accessories and apply Snip-its’ cosmetics that are designed for use on the doll. Stylists are on hand to help …

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Manly haircuts

Discount hair cutting businesses such as Best Cuts and Fantastic Sams have always been remarkably profitable ventures. Two years ago a lawyer I knew purchased a Sports Clips franchise for his wife to run. He’s a smart and guy and did a lot of due diligence before hand. I can see how a themed hair salon for men featuring sports, large T.V.s, news, and manly decor can attract a steady flow of men willing to pay an extra $5 for a haircut. There’s even one called Roosters Men’s Grooming Centers that describes their business as the following: Stocked with leather chairs, men’s magazines and TVs tuned only to news or sports…Customers at Roosters get a free beverage of their choice (including beer) and a free shoeshine. For many services such as hair coloring and waxing, separate rooms are used for privacy. Is a guy more likely to go to a place with big screen TVs blasting sports and news, and specially catered mens attributes? Of course. Is it more fun for a dad to take his kids there for a cut? Yes. I’d strongly consider buying a franchise in this mass appeal niche, especially over the traditionals – Fantastic Sams/Best Cuts/Hair Cuttery/etc.

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Discount Real Estate franchises are booming

With the housing market booming, bypassing and undercutting real estate commission is becoming increasingly popular. It’s even catching on in Canada with PropertyGuys.com. In the USA, the leading franchise is probably Help-U-Sell.com with 750 independently owned and operated Help-U-Sell Real Estate offices. Help-U-Sell is a fee-for-services agency that can provide all of the services of a real estate firm, or just select a basic service package for a flat $3,000. The company provides all signage, advertising and negotiations. Sellers are encouraged to show their own properties and hold open houses. There are both fans and critics of the a-la-carte real estate helpers where you pay a flat fee. Paying a 6% commission to a real estate broker on a $500,000 home is $30,000. Alternatively, for under $5,000, you can hire a real estate attorney to represent you for a $600 flat-fee and pay Help-U-Sell $4,000 for signage, MLM listing and price negotiations. Heck, you can also post a small ad in the local newspaper and on eBay for another $100. Here are 2 more good articles: One, Two. I think Help-U-Sell is hot and deserves your attention, especially those interested in real estate. I’d buy it!

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Educational Outfitters expanding with 6 new stores

According to this press release, Educational Outfitters is opening 6 new stores. We reviewed this franchise before on FranchisePundit.com, and we concluded it was one of the better franchise ideas, focusing on an often ignored and segmented market. We gave it an “I’d buy it” positive rating.

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Dippin’ Dots decent

Dippin' Dots is unique, fast gowing franchise with a patent protected ice cream product. Is it worth buying? FranchisePundit says yes. Here is why...

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