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The first online roulette game launched by Microgaming was Roulette Royale in 2002. The company follows trends and now it offers a good range of entertainments for both low rollers and whales. You might have a lot more questions, and we have a guide on all popular types of this game with bet sizes and other opportunities provided by their rich interfaces.

Popular Options

There is a variety of table options valued for good payouts. Roulette takes one of the top places because the provider has all popular variations available (French, European and American), but there is also Roulette Royale, relying on 1StHighRollerCasino experts' opinion. We mention it again because it features a progressive jackpot and every avid customer is able to grab it. Progressive means that Microgaming casinos form a network and all bets at this amusement contribute into an overall prize sum. The developer also features a multi-wheel version with many spinning wheels meaning that you have more chances to hit cash.


French roulette has spawned in the 18th century but entered the vendor's portfolio only in the 21st. The game itself has nice graphics, simple rules and only one zero on a wheel. The customer is able to bet max $70-$80 and cover one number, a series or a group of numbers on a layout. This type is considered to be one of the most profitable in terms of the RTP rate (95%-97%). Besides, there is a La Partage rule enabling a gambler to save half of a bet if the ball falls down on a zero.


The American version of the popular game is much appreciated among gamblers, but experts say it has worse odds due to 2 (0, 00) zeros on the wheel. In a nutshell, your winning chances are almost the same compared with the French roulette. The player can make inside bets (on separate numbers) and outside bets (black/red, odd or even). The payouts are very high: if your wager plays, you will get 35 to 1 if guessed one number. There is also a user-friendly interface that is very simple to master during playing sessions.

how to play microgaming roulette


The classic version seems to be the most popular game between punters. It offers the biggest payouts thanks to the high RTP rate - 97.37%. It looks very realistic with a wheel in the left corner and a table grid with numbers on the right. Gamers should click with their mouse on numbers and place bets with a coin range 1-50. It has a single zero and if the ball drops at this position, the house takes away your bet. It's highly recommended to put stakes on several numbers and groups to increase the winning.

Roulette Diamond

The Diamond Edition Roulette was presented in 2008 and quickly gained thousands of loyal fans around the world. Users see the wheel in front of themselves and a layout is shown on the bottom of the screen. This game uses the rules of the European variation (one zero and 35 black/red numbers). Along with a low house edge (2.7%), it has stunning graphics that surrounds you with an authentic casino atmosphere. There is also a chat to communicate with other players and see their winnings. It brings a lot of fun to all participants of this amusement.


Experienced players often opt to spend money at a multi-wheel version because of many roulettes available to spin. It means that you're allowed to spin 8 wheels simultaneously! You're completely in charge of what exactly wheel is spun during a round. Unfortunately, the betting area is common and you can't choose stakes for each wheel separately. Therefore, the design of the entertainment is solid and sounds promote your gambling mood.

Special Features

We'd like to tell what customers may do during a game. Microgaming strives to bring all needed options into its portfolio. It gives players broad customization opportunities (change the wheel color, disable sounds). There is an Expert mode common for all roulette games - it helps to set stakes, remember betting patterns and help players during long gambling sessions. It's possible to change stakes during the very rotation and Undo, Redo, Repeat options will help you to manage your time and funds more efficiently.

micrigaming roulette gaming process

Future of The Spinning Wheel

Microgaming decided to step further and bring a new-level experience to its fans. The provider launched the Roulette in 2018 in cooperation with Switch Studios. This is a company with talented people focused on improving table games. Both vendors created a simple, pleasant-looking, highly realistic amusements with completely smooth graphics. They have big plans, so we are looking forward to meeting fresh products soon.

Live-Mode Roulette

Players often join casinos with live versions because the software is very interactive and all the job does the real dealer. This is a professional croupier that talks to you and places your bets on a real table. The process is fast and the image looks good. You have a chat on the left to see comments, wins and communicate with a host. There are also many more different types of spinning wheels that you may see only live like 2 balls rotating on the wheel at the same time.



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