2013 Papa Johns Franchise Incentives, similar to last year

Papa Johns is again offering incentives to new franchisees this year. This looks to be the same as last year. There are tight timing issues with opening to hit the incentives qualificaitons.

  • No franchise fee ($25,000 value);
  • $50,000 in equipment, including two Middleby-Marshall ovens, which may be purchased by the franchisee for $50 after operating for three years;
  • A royalty waiver for up to 18 months; and
  • A $3,000 food credit with PJ Food Service, which operates Papa John’s fresh dough and food distribution quality control centers, for each restaurant that opens at least 30 days prior to the scheduled opening date.

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  1. How is this not a great deal?

  2. It’s a good deal for a Papa John’s franchisee because it shaves of about 25% of the opening cost. But, that $75k in incentives isn’t going to make a major difference in the overall profitability.

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