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Back up!

Dear Franchise Pundit readers,

Sorry for the sudden downtime for the past few weeks.  I had a problem with my web host and had to make a sudden switch, and I had a new baby boy born!  My head is back in the game and I’ll work to get things updated.   I had to use a backup of the web site to get things back up with my new web host, so I lost two months of blog and forum posts.  I’m sorry to all those who contributed and lost their content.

Thank you for you patience and I look forward to reading more of everyone’s contributions,

Ryan Knoll

About Ryan Knoll

Attorney and advisor with an interest in franchising. Feel free to email me comments and questions on the "Contact Us" page.


  1. Let’s see more posts!

  2. You shouldn’t be hosting blogs yourself anymore. There are plenty of services like wordpress.com and tumblr that will host your site for almost free.

  3. Good to see your excellent blog back up and running. I went through that hassle a couple of times (slow learner) and it’s painful.

    Congratulations on your new son! The franchise grows… 🙂

  4. We had 2 weeks downtime back in Feb which was a nightmare. Some hackers decided to break into our servers and it took a long time to fix.

    Congrats on the baby 🙂

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