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Franchising Solar Power

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Go Green! Well the franchise world is invading the green world, and it is starting in California.
{Big surprise} Continue reading….


Yep! The California Department of Corporations {Not The California Department of Corrections!} has approved a request by Solar Power Inc. to start selling franchises.

The retail store setup will be called Yes! Solar Solutions. There is already one up in Roseville, Ca.
Read in Sacramento Bee The retail store will provide design services for each home or business that wants solar power, and install the panels, also. In addition, solar powered coolers,backpacks etc. will be offered.

Here is something about solar energy solutions that you may not know:

The local energy utilities will actually buy back any extra solar power you are generating from your home or business! It comes in the form of a credit. They roll back your meter’s dials by the amount of extra energy you produce. That is fantastic!

Stay tuned..this is just the beginning….

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  1. Sound good but the upfront cost of installing solar is huge. There is no national brand of solar supplies that I know of so maybe this company can make a name for itself. I wouldn’t want to be one of the first though. The big money will be getting in good with construction companies but they are going to buy from large suppliers, not a rinky-dink franchise. The cost per customer will likely be very high and the final bill for installation of the equipment too high to make enough volume.

  2. Agreed..cost is high, but will eventually go down.
    Joel Libava

  3. There is more to it than just a $60K solar panel array. For about $4K you can get solar hot water and this is usally the biggest power hog in a house. Just make sure the diversity of the products is wide enough that you can sell to the most monitarily challenged or the most wealthy individuals. The need to go green will be a fact of life in the future. I see electricity tripling in price in 20 years.

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