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Jack-in-the-Box and Qdoba Average Unit Sales

Average unit sales were $1.4 million per company-owned Jack in the Box location and $900,000 per Qdoba system location in fiscal 2009.

source: Morningstar

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  1. Since they like averages, I would like to see the average lease and CAM costs to go along with this.

    And I would like to know what the median is rather than the mean which is my guess at what they are reporting.

  2. I heard that the founders of Qudoba worked at the original Chipotle in Denver, Colorado. Does anyone know if this is true or not. There systems and product seems to be very similar. Just curious.

    • I was curious to get into one of this franchise fast casual mexican restaurant business. Pancheros to be precise. Can anyone provide insight on this segment as well as any information about Pancheros sales figures? thanks in advance MD

  3. Hi can i know more about this site…

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