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Sorry for the Downtime in the Last Few Days

…there were a few problems with our web host, but everything is now up and running.

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Attorney and advisor with an interest in franchising. Feel free to email me comments and questions on the "Contact Us" page.


  1. i thought you left FP!

  2. Suggestion: make it easier for users to start blog threads and switch the discussion board spam filter to software that doesn’t so frequently block legitimate users from the site.

  3. Hi Paul. When you say “start blog threads”, are referring to posting on the main front-page blog? I am very interested in doing that and can probably figure out how to let others sign up and blog…I can certainly use the help.

    The forum spam filter is a real pain in the butt. I’m very sorry. I’ve been trying to convert to other forum software but haven’t had luck so I may pay someone just to convert it to a better forum solution.

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