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Starbucks Back is Back to Breakfast


Starbucks plans next week to launch warm sandwiches, called Piadini, on artisan breads filled with sausage, egg and cheese or Portobello mushroom, spinach and ricotta cheese.


He says about 30% of McDonald’s U.S. business comes from breakfast, and credits breakfast with “a majority of McDonald’s growth in the last two to three years.”

I thought I read they were ending the warm English-muffin based egg sandwiches. Appaprently it was all a ruse.

“We are not reversing our decision to replace the breakfast sandwiches. Rather we are continuing to evolve our food offerings,” says a spokeswoman. “We have found small ingredient changes that address the aroma issues of our current breakfast sandwiches, and have implemented these already.”

The company says it recently changed the kind of cheese it was using in its warm breakfast sandwiches to neutralize the cooking smell. Starbucks has ovens in about 3,000 locations and plans to add them in 800 more stores. Over time it wants ovens in 90% of its stores, according to Michelle Gass, the company’s senior vice-president of marketing.

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  1. I tried their Piadini…quite good.

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