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Stone Cold Sales

stone cold creameryTelling nugget of information in this article about Stone Cold Creamery:

So far per store sales at its 12 international stores in the Pacific Rim are running at about $1 million annually, about three times higher than at U.S. stores.

(In the U.S., stores have two to three workers on a weeknight shifts and five to seven on weekend nights).

Pulling in $300,000-$400,000 in gross sales per store is below what most franchisees would consider a fair return on investment.

WEEKDAYS:12 hours day x 360 days per year x 3 workers x $10/hour average $130,000
WEEKEND EXTRA:5 hours day x 150 days per year x 3 workers x $10/hour average $22,500
TOTAL: $152,500

If labor costs are 30% of your overall costs, this infers that your costs are about 3.33 x $152,500 = $507,825

That seems extraordinarily high but its hard to be more accurate without more data.

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  1. $10 seems high but that is probably a fair average considering a shift manager/store manager hourly wage.

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