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Suzanne’s Kitchen Meal Assembly – Closed

This is somewhat old news, but I missed it. We previously wrote about Suzanne Somer’s meal assembly business venture called “Suzanne’s Kitchen”. Well, it closed last April and was only open for a few months.

From the abbreviated archive of Lexington, KY Herald-Leader:

Apr. 19–Five months after opening, Suzanne’s Kitchen, a do-it-yourself meal preparation business represented by actress Suzanne Somers, has closed its flagship store in Tates Creek Centre. Former Gov. John Y. Brown Jr., mastermind behind the Suzanne’s Kitchen idea, said yesterday that the store closed last weekend because he wanted his business team to “revamp the whole format to get something even more convenient.”

The second Suzanne’s Kitchen store, in New Jersey, has also closed.

Brown said both would reopen, though he did not estimate when.

Culinary ability wasn’t required at Suzanne’s Kitchen. Ingredients were diced, …

Hat Tip: mysterymiss in the comments.

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  1. I’m just making an inquiry of that I made a telephone call to the Realtor Agent that when I called them about inquiry of the empty Suzanne’s
    Kitchen in Eatontown, NJ, that I wanted to inquire of the amount of monthly lease because I wanted to locate an empty spot of a prior Kitchen spot that I could do for my Soul Food Small Cafe’of my new business venture, and to market my own homemade
    BBQ Sauce. When I called the Realtot to inquire, they said it was under lease. This inquiry was made months ago, and the Suzanne’s Kitchen still has been
    un-attended with left over items that looks like an eye-soar from the window when you look in. Its an eye-soar to the neighboring Strip Stores when people walk by.

    Allow someone else to take on a new business venture and make
    a go of it.

  2. If your not going to make something else out of the empty Suzanne’s Kitchen that was only opened for few months and then it closed? Apparently, your food products was of no interests
    to the prospective customers. Customer’s today want a food product they can be drawn in with aroma & flavor, that the Suzanne’s Kitchen didn’t have.

    If someone on your end is able and willing to grant me the financial backing to set up the necessary Kitchen equipment and Upscale Cafe’ Furniture,Fixtures, I want set up in the Cafe’ I can all most nearly 100$ guarantee the money and customers will flow in like Milk & Honey regular, that eventually will allow us/me to seek a location that is un-attached to a Strip Mall of not having to pay lease payments.

    We want to be Opened Tuesdays throuhg Saturdays, from:
    11:00 AM-to-8PM.
    We want to be Closed on Sundays.

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