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The Original SoupMan and Cold Stone Creamery Franchises Team Up

Soup Kitchen International, the creators of the Zagat-rated soups of Al Yeganeh, the legendary soup man who inspired the “Soup Episode” on Seinfeld, and Cold Stone Creamery, today announced the grand opening of the first The Original SoupMan/Cold Stone Creamery at 2 Astor Place in New York, NY in early November. Recent Penn State graduate Daniel Petryszyn is opening the first hybrid, co-branded franchise that will feature both The Original SoupMan’s world-renowned soups and Cold Stone Creamery’s super-premium ice cream.

Petryszyn’s Original SoupMan/Cold Stone Creamery, in addition to ice cream, will showcase Yeganeh’s 50 varieties of soup as the “centerpiece of the meal.” Each meal will be presented with a piece of fresh, crusty baguette, fresh fruit and a piece of imported chocolate — just like Al Yeganeh served it at his original shop. As Yeganeh explains it, this is simply “the way to eat.” Alongside Yeganeh’s 50 varieties of soup there will also be an extensive line of gourmet salads and sandwiches.

“Customers demand choice and innovation,” said Dan Beem, Cold Stone Creamery President. “We’re pleased and excited to explore these opportunities with the Original SoupMan to introduce both the highest quality, most creative ice cream experience alongside premium, gourmet soups, all under one roof.”

It was reported on Let’s Talk Franchising that  “Seinfeld’ Soup Nazi Franchises Troubled”  that disgruntled franchisees say many of the franchises didn’t make it through their first year: At least eight have closed for good. Two more have shut their doors for now, although the company said it has deals in the works to reopen them.

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  1. There’s been a Stone Cold Creamery that a few months ago started selling with The Original SoupMan soup. They would even stick the Soupman cardboard cutout figurine on the sidewalk. The unit still has the original Stone Cold Creamery lighted signage so the one mentioned in the article must be the first fully co-branded unit.

  2. Ryan,

    Cold Stone has been testing soups at a number of stores, the Cold Stone Area Developer in the Boston area, told me a month ago that the test was going very well. Up here in Boston it can get coold, a bowl of hot soup could be a way for franchises to help pay rent in the winter months.

    Soup may be just what the franchisees need to keep warm in the winter.

  3. Stay Away From the Soup Nazi!

    For everyone’s own good…stay away from Soupman. The Soup is great. But…don’t even think of it as a good investment….unless your idea of a good investment is to lose tons of $$….like hundreds of thousands. Franchisor is a horror and phony, misrepresents cost of investment and COGS, model has never worked…price point is too high to build any loyal following that will even support the operation to a break even point. Speak to the 12+ locations that already closed and the Franchisees all lost Hundreds of thousands, filed for bankruptcy and lost their homes. Didn’t know that many closed? Maybe because the Franchisor and their soldiers don’t disclose what they are required to.

  4. Soupman, Another Scheme!

    Soupman is a disaster! The irony is that some of the Franchisees were convinced to buy into the company about 2 yrs ago because Soupman was Co-Branding with a high end low fat ice cream named Cremalita. After deceiving the operators, taking their lifesavings, Soupman dropped the ice cream co-branding and led the Franchisees down the the drain. The company is a disaster and its management is to blame. Operators have lost their life savings, homes and filed for bankruptcy as a result of Soupman’s mismanagement.

    The issues with the Soupman franchisor are much deeper than it appears.
    1. The company is undercapitalized. An investment bank retained to raise capital for the franchisor had discontinued its efforts after having received commitments for approximately 25% of the targeted capital. This was a result of the poor operating results of the company and its underlying franchisees.
    2. The company has been seeking an acquiror of its operations. Throughout this effort the issues and challenges brought to the attention of the company by its franchisees have been quietly addressed but none of the problems have been resolved.
    3. The misrepresentations made by the franchisor to induce franchisees to acquire territories and open up an Original Soupman outlet are many: (a) understatement of food costs; (b) co-branding with Cremalita ice cream to balance overall sales in warm months was abandoned soon after first 12 stores opened for business; (c) mandated use of cups and bowls that are 25% larger than purported serving portions, resulting in giving away 25% more product than consumer was paying for and at the same time causing an increase in purchases of product from the company to replenish inventory.

    Shame on You Soupman

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