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Will post again in a few days

Hello loyal readers. I’m moving and need the next few days to pack and unpack my stuff. I’ll repost again starting Monday, April 25.

Get ready for some educational reads such as REAL financial statements from a variety of franchises that the smart Franchise Pundit fans have emailed in. 😉

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  1. Hurry back! 🙂

  2. Good luck. I had to move a over Christmas and I HATED IT!!!

  3. Where are you moving too, FP? Can you post a directory of the companies that you mentioned in articles? The search function is lame at best (no highlighting of search words).

  4. moving sucks

  5. Yeah moving does suck. I’m looking forward to some good juicy gossip posts 😉 Hey FP, if you are reading this, please try to do a post on a maid/cleaning franchise.

  6. has it been a few days yet 😉

  7. How’s the move goin?

  8. So are you going to post on Monday Franchise Pundit?

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