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26-year-old Franchisee

A 26-year-old woman became the youngest franchiseeĀ in the Schlotzky’s system. Is she too young? You may think, until you read this:

Jessica Johnson worked at the Schlotzky’s in Teays Valley for nine years – working her way from cashier to manager.Then in October, even though some people thought it was a little crazy, Johnson got a Small Business loan and bought her very own store.That made her the youngest franchisee in the Schlotzky’s chain.”I was not scared to do this because I believed 100 percent” Johnson said. “I knew it was something I wanted to do and if for whatever reason it didn’t work out I knew there was someone looking out for me and it wasn’t meant to be.”Johnson says she has been focusing on catering, delivery and customer service to keep profits up despite the economy.

She is probably more experienced and ready than 90% of Schlotzky’s independent franchisees.

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  1. Wonder why we don’t see more of this promotion from within: from employee to operator?

  2. Probably because:
    * Franchisor doesn’t recognize current employees as a source of franchisees, most likely because of lack of the employee’s lack of capital
    * Most employees, even managers, just aren’t motivated to take on the responsibilities of franchise ownership. I know a manager from a Ruby Tuesdays and a Chilis and both don’t have the motivation to own anything, and both can give a long list of reasons why they wouldn’t own (some legit, some are superficial).

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