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Ace Hardware is urging all franchisees to spend an average $150,000 to upgrade the store building and layout.

Ace Hardware evolves

Ace Hardware evolves to stay competitive

We all know the competitive pressures The Home Depot and Lowes bring to the market. I see Ace Hardware as the Walgreens or CVS in the face of Wal-Mart or Kroger. I believe Ace Hardware renovating and re-engineering its stores is a smart and necessary move. Will the independent franchisees will come on board so all stores will have a similar layout and selection? I’ve read most those owners who are near retirement age don’t see the payoff for them of making the $150,000 investment, and their Franchise Agreement does not force them to upgrade.

I’ll write more on this another day

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  1. I get as good of service at HomeDepot and Lowes as I do Ace Hardware.  I have found some things cheaper at Ace Hardware (shower rings for $1.99 for example). 

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