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Better Home & Garden real estate franchise

I’m sure they have research to support this effort, but the Better Home & Garden is expanding its brand to include real estate brokerages.I found this comment humorous considering he is the very first operating unit:

Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate unveiled its new Web site, www.bhgrealestate.com.Wilkins hopes to benefit from Better Homes and Gardens’ technology, business systems and advanced tools to help support the growth and operation of their brokerage. Those tools include business planning and strategic services; sales associate talent attraction and retention; training and career development programs; and Web tools and resources.  

From the Better Homes & Garden web site:

Key differentiators of the Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate brand include:

  • Financially oriented service platform
  • National agent recruiting program
  • Targeted direct-to-consumer marketing programs
  • Web 2.0 principles to engage today’s consumer, along with best-in-class systems and tools
  • A focus on the environment through our green initiatives
  • A developing international real estate network to enhance global networking opportunities

At least their CEO is the former Chief Operating Officer for Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC.

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  1. Not a good time to launch a commodity-priced real estate business, in my opinion. Some brands cannot be expanded like this, and BH&G is one of the them. Unless they offer free staging or free design services, it’ll be slow selling.

  2. Tom Wilkins’ name is synonymous with “crooked” , so he’s probably hoping BH&G can restore some integrity. It’s going to take more than that! I’m surprised BH&G doesn’t have some kind of vetting process. He will definitely be bad for their brand.

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