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Blimpie fights to stay afloat in an industry with high saturation and tough competition.

Blimpie changes logo and interior after sales drop 20%

I enjoyed reading how Blimpie has tinkered with its look in a tough market. I think this quote from the article sums it up best:

“It’s hard to communicate a quality product in a store environment that doesn’t reflect that,” he said. “The quick-casual segment has upped the ante on what consumers can expect.”

You wonder why Blimpie would choose the “look” of cheap yellow booths and floors in the first place. Panera Bread has done a wonderful job of creating a high-quality fast food (or fast casusal as some call it) experience.

The basic strategy which I think many franchisees can learn from is “the logo and interior change will draw customers in, while the food (or product) that hooks them”.

By the way, which logo do you like better? I like their new logo.
New logo –> New Blimpie logo without the red racing stripe
Old logo –> Old Blimpie logo with red racing stripe

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  1. I like the new logo better. It still kinda looks like the old one, but is cleaner. I think you are right, that the look of the place will bring people in, but the food and service must meet expectations.

  2. As far as food, I like Jersey Subs and Jimmy Johns (and Subway) much better than Blimpies or Quiznos.

  3. The new logo ROCKS!!

  4. Devon – I agree, the new logo is much better. I must admit I didn’t dislike the old logo when Blimpies firsat came out. It seems that most sub shops were green, yellow and red (Subway).

    Anon – I’ve had both Jersey Subs and Jummy Johns and like them both better than the bigger guys too.

    the FranchisePundit

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