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If you were looking for a location for your new coffee & bakery business, would you commit to a location that had a Homer’s restaurant and Erbert & Gerbert’ both fail there within the past year?   And, direct coffee competition from Starbucks, Kopeli and The Coffee House are all within two blocks?  I would be extremely hesitant.

Nevertheless, aspiring franchisor Natalie Bubak of Lincoln, Nebraska will open a nuVibe Juice & Java in the serial failed location.  Gutsy.

After Homer’s closed last May, Erbert & Gerbert’s lasted only a few months, apparently a victim of competition from downtown’s plethora of sandwich shops.

There’s also a great deal of coffee shop competition in the area — Starbucks, Kopeli and The Coffee House are all within two blocks — but Bubak said she thinks nuVibe is different enough that it will complement, rather than take from, the existing coffee businesses.

“I think we’re going to help each other, really,” she said.

Besides coffee, nuVibe also serves all-natural fruit smoothies and gelato.

And Bubak said she’s planning on adding some breakfast and lunch items to the menu, including hot cereal and soups.

She said the new breakfast items will help fill what people have told her is a void in downtown.

Bubak said she has the opportunity to have expanded offerings at the downtown nuVibe because the space is so much larger — 4,500 square feet compared with the 1,500 square feet she has at her Pioneer Woods location.

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