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Burger King tries home delivery


At first I thought Burger King delivery was a dumb idea.  But, after thinking about it a while, it may prove to be a smart move – in the right locations and for the right premium.

Burger King is using custom packaging for the fries that won’t trap steam to make them soggy, but it will trap the emitted heat.  The delivery bags probably have a heating element too.

I could see delivery being a surprise hit with customers. There no reason pizza should be the only popular delivery food.  Jimmy Johns owes a lot of its success to delivery.

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  1. I have been in the pizza industry for over 20 years and let me tell you about delivery drivers. On average out of 50 drivers I reckon 3 would be consistent and reliable. The rest are cheaters and lazy and smoking weed.

  2. Well Ryan’s Burger King posts made me actually visit a Burger King. I suspect the last time I was in one was 7 years ago. So last night I ventured in to get something for the boy when he went to visit Grandma. It was unbelievable.

    The store was a pigsty. Regulation plaques had been removed from some walls, the holes spackled over but no finish had ever been applied, and the shackling had aged, splashed with this or that. The plaques on the wall were all askew. there was dried ketchup on the base of one of the stainless steel appliances. And I never saw this before, it looked like the stainless steel bin the french fries are salted and stored in was rusted or part of the finish has come off.

    I waited 7 minutes until I was acknowledged at the counter as the Mgr was too busy joking in the kitchen and using profanity. When he took my order he messed it up, then we retook it as he grumbled something under his breath. I order to fish sandwiches and 2 small fries. They told me it would be 5 minute wait, I have no issues with that. 19 minutes later I got my fish sandwiches. the best part was one was hot the other cold, as they had made that one immediately. But it gets better, in between, for 19 minutes I was treated to litany of gutter language, sexual innuendos, and a mix of English and Spanish.

    What a great experience. And of course in large part this is one of the problems with franchising. You may run an impeccable store, but some other slouch tarnishes the entire image of the brand when they give customer a bad experience.

    Delivery, maybe it is an option, becasue I have no desire to ever step foot in a Burger King again.

    • Ugh, sorry for the horrendous experience. Burger Kings seems plagued with really awful workers. I think a rule of thumb is if it’s not one of their new designs, the franchisee isn’t investing enough time or money into the location and it should be avoided.

      Their Whopper Bar concept seems to be staffed much better, I’ve been to the ones in NYC and Las Vegas.

      I’m anxious to check out their new Garden Grill design in Singapore

  3. Burger King trying delivery kind of makes my skin crawl, but is also innovative so maybe it will pay off for them…

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