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Franchise Links This Week

1) Are You Franchisee Material?
We asked franchisors what they want in franchisees, and 4 qualities rose to the top.

2) 2007 Franchise of the Year? (Entrepreneur Mag)
#1: Subway
#2: Dunkin’ Donuts
#3: Jackson Hewitt Tax Service
#4: 7-Eleven
#5: The UPS Store/Mail Boxes Etc.
#6: Domino’s Pizza
#7: Jiffy Lube
#8: Sonic Drive In Restaurants
#9: McDonald’s
#10: Papa John’s

I’d personally choose in the following order: McDonald’s, 7-Eleven, Papa John’s, Dunkin’ Donuts, Domino’s Pizza.

3) Great comments from a few franchisees and people in the industry. You can listen to the segment with Real Player too.

4) Franchisee rebuffs new product offerings and promotions from Taco Bell.

Some notable actions taken by Dalham since the opening of his franchise in 1990:

• Refused to expand his menu beyond the basic, non-premium offerings such as the “Taco.”
• Used plain white Styrofoam soda cups until the corporation forced him to use branded paper cups during an audit in 1999.
• Furnished dining room with squeeze bottles of hot sauce to avoid purchasing branded sauce packets.
• Failed to update logo – currently displays the red, green, yellow, and purple logo phased out in the 1990s.
• Did not hang promotional posters featuring the talking Chihuahua when the campaign was introduced in 1997.
• During the “Head for the Border” campaign, posted a banner that read “Americans Even Do Tacos Better.”

Due to franchise regulations, Dalham was forced to adopt certain conformities, such as the display of the words “Taco Bell” on his backlit menu and identifying his restaurant as a Taco Bell in the local yellow pages.

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