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Free Lease Renegotiations From Quiznos Corporate

quiznos.jpgQuiznos is helping franchisees renegotiate leases at no cost to the franchisee. Good move.

Since the teams have been in operation, Quiznos has negotiated more than 40 leases thus far, with an average reduction of 15-20 percent in lease payments

Here is one franchisee’s experience in the press release

Thomas Mihailovich, a franchise owner in Rochester Hills, MI, participated in the lease renegotiation program in late February. Quiznos and a third-party team worked with Mihailovich and his lessor to arrange a reduction in rent of more than 20 percent, a cost savings of $50,000 over the term of the lease.

“I began the process and within one week I was saving nearly $500 per month on my rent,” said Mihailovich.

How do you renegotiate a lease?

If you are currently leasing a space for your franchise and want to renegotiate the lease, you do have a few leverage points. First, the landlord doesn’t want to lose a tenant because it will usually mean unrecoverable expenses and vacant space for a period of time. Second, along the same lines, a long-term stable lease makes landlords smile, so offering to extend or renew a lease for a longer number of years is very attractive, even at a reduce price per square foot.

Here is a sample approach. Find another space nearby that fits your needs equally well and is less expensive. Then approach your landlord and ask him to match the rent or you intend to move. See what the response is. From that point, ask permission to sublet. Depending on how long you have on your lease, ask also offer to sign a longer lease in exchange for reduced lease payments.

Getting the assistance of a real estate broker or better yet an attorney is usually well worth the money in renegotiating a lease.

Here is an insightful article with examples on the subject.

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  1. Good suggestion.

    It would be even easier to implement if you had thought to bargain for and obtain a time limit on your rental guarantees/franchise agreement.

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