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Mexican Pesos OK For Dallas Franchise

About 60 percent of Pizza Patrón customers and 45 percent of the franchisees are Latino. As a convenience to its mostly Latino customer base who often have have leftover pesos from Mexico, Pizza Patron will accept foreign currency in exchange for pizza.

On an unrelated note, did you know that Patron tequila (which I love almost as much as Casa Noble) also co-founded Paul Mitchell, the haircare products company?

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  1. Who the hell cares if they pay with pesos? I don’t think it’s a big deal as long as the businesses aren’t giving DISCOUNTS if you pay with pesos. If anything, people paying with pesos should be charged a slight premium because of the inconvenience and currency exchange costs. Will the business give change in dollars or pesos?

  2. Marcus, because the US currency is dollars, not pesos. People should be encouraged to assimilate, and part of that involves getting off your butt and exchange your pesos for dollars.

  3. The Pizza Patron caters to the hispanic, especially the Mexican, demographic. That’s their concept. It makes perfect sense, and adds validation to their niche focus. It makes perfect sense. “Assimilation” would not.

  4. In northern New York, along the Canadian border, many shops take both CDN $ and US $. In Montreal and Quebec City, they commonly will take US $.

    I don’t see anyone posting about that. Seems a bit racist to me.

  5. But there is no language barrier in Canada (French speakers are usually bilingual), no?

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