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Quick News Notes

  • Burger King forecast still looking stale
  • Triarc Cos., owner of the Arby’s restaurant chain, said Friday same-store sales were up 4%
  • Fatburger system-wide same store sales for the first quarter increased .5% over 2005 results
  • Cosi: Comparable restaurant sales, as measured for restaurants in operation for more than 15 months, increased 5.3 percent, Cosi’s 18th consecutive quarter of increases. Factors driving the continued growth included a 2.1 percent increase in transaction count and a 3.2 percent increase in average guest check. The higher average guest check was primarily due to a 1.6 percent favorable shift in sales mix and a 1.6 percent increase in pricing.
  • Good article on the 5 Mistakes a small-business owner should never make…I agree with them all.
    1. too little cash
    2. thinking small
    3. skimping on technology
    4. underestimating the important of sales
    5. losing focus
  • T.G.I. Friday‘s same-store sales up 3.3%

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  1. I’m surprised that TGI Friday’s is still going storng. I would think they’d be on the downward slope of their respective curve of vitality just like Burger King. I’ve always wanted to try Fatburger but haven’t seen them on the east coast.

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