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Sales when Subway and Jimmy Johns are within a block of each other

Jimmy Johns sales were almost twice Subway.

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  1. I would like to see a break down, is there one? Jimmy John’ sis usually open around the clock and does a brisk delivery business. They also have a minor advantage when it comes to brand preference when the crowd is male. Is there more info available?

    • I don’t have access to a further breakdown, I wish I did. The numbers I saw were only annual sales and shown to me on the hush-hush from the common landlord. The location is blocks from a large university campus.

      Besides the subjective opinion that JJ has better sandwiches, JJ does keeps 4-5 cars delivering every night while Subway doesn’t deliver. Plus, the Subway brand seems stale, and the version of the green-yellow interior design of this Subway looks like my grandmother designed it. I think JJ’s design is not very memorable, but like 5 Guys the interior simplicity seems to work.

  2. That is very interesting indeed. Something to definitely consider if your region is rife with Subways and you’re looking to open a Jimmy John’s, huh?

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  4. Admittedly, I”m fascinated with JJ”s delivery. I”m curious about average ticket price per delivery, avg. trip price and how they reimburse their drivers. Mostly, how they make this profitable.
    Any suggestions on who to talk to?

    • JJ delivery drivers earn $6.75/hr to $8/hr + tip, which typically nets out to $10 to $25 per hour including tips…depending on the market and what franchisees feel is the right hourly wage. Sometimes they are also paid gas/maintenance reimbursement. Again, it all depends on what compensation is needed to attract the ideal flexible driver – college kids, etc.

      Job Description & Responsibilities:::::::::::
      Drivers are expected to check orders for accuracy and deliver products to customers in a safe courteous and timely manner.

      Drivers will also work as an In-Shopper when no deliveries are scheduled.

      Duties include:

      Take phone orders and complete delivery tickets
      Accept payment for delivery orders and reconcile cash collected for deliveries
      Make fast accurate and consistent sandwiches
      Maintain cleanliness and sanitation of the restaurant
      Greet customers on entry and exit
      Operate cash register collect payment and make change
      Perform other related duties as required

      Drivers must be able to speak read and write the English language fluently and clearly

      Drivers must be at least 18 years of age and have a valid drivers license and automobile insurance and reliable transportation

      Drivers must have a clean driving record

      Auto insurance must not exclude delivery driving from coverage

      Collision coverage is required

      Some employment perks include::::::::::::::::::::::
      -Flexible schedule: Want to work nights? Lunches? Weekends? We can schedule around your school or other job schedule. Want full time hours? Part time hours? We can do both.
      -Free uniforms- JJ T-shirt and fitted hat. Wear your own shoes and pants! No crummy uniforms here!
      -Free and Discounted Meals.
      -Tuition Reimbursements
      -Health insurance for qualified employees.
      -Opportunity for advancement- 80% of our current managers have worked their way up the ranks. Attitude is everything- we will teach you the rest!

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