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We Don’t Serve Kids

Too funny….

The Sizzler restaurant in Antioch will stop serving students during school hours. It’s a way to stop them from cutting class.

Call me crazy, but I would rather kids hang out at Sizzler than hang out totally unsupervised somewhere else!

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  1. I was probably among the most truant of kids. You can decide if that was an overall detriment to society.

    I would suggest the problem is with the schools and not the children. As Ryan pointed of kids hanging out at Sizzler aren’t getting high, they are not engaging is sex, they are nto out vandalizing things, they are probably just bored.

    In case you are not aware, pubic schools are not the schools of old, they do not encourage achievement, rather, they punish it, and try to push those with ability down to lowest common denominator. I know school bored me. They probably bore these kids.

    In general schools get money based on attendance, which I suspect is what this is about. It is a shame that the coercive hand of Government is reaching out to free enterprise to try and force compulsory attendance of easily influenced minds into the socialist Government indoctrination centers known as public schools.

    We removed our son from public school years ago. He was bored to tears. The emphasis was clearly on social engineering rather than scholarship. Now at 14 my son is taking his first college classes. He is ready. He was not pushed, he was just allowed to develop at his own rate and pursue his interest in a home school environment.

    In public school he was frustrated and restrained by the system. As I recall I felt the same way. You learn outside the classroom, all the classroom can give you is the tools you need to interpret the world you encounter. How you respond to outside stimuli is based on the foundation you receive at home and is not the auspice of the schools.

    To the truant kids I say more power to you. If you can pass the tests and demonstrate you can meet the State guidelines with non-attendance then it simply shows the farce that public education has become.

    Once again I suspect this is more about the derelict public education system worrying about how this reflects on them and getting their funding dollars than anything that actually has merit.

    Like I said the shame of this is the Government is coercing businesses into behavior that is against their best interest. They suffer a revenue decline by turning away the students, but I suspect they are worried that ignorant parents might boycott them if they did not bend over for the tyrannical public school system. And yet long term, those students will be so fully indoctrinated in socialist mind-speak that they will think it natural for Government entities to dictate all aspects of live to the citizens. Extending that control to Government mandates to business will seem natural.


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