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Winner of Coffee Taste Test

coffeeYou are not going to believe this…

Consumer Reports conducted a coffee taste test, and the winner was [drum roll please]….Cuppy’s Coffee!!!…..OK, I kid. The winner was McDonald’s, who beat Dunkin’ Donuts, Burger King and Starbucks (I’m sure Starbucks loves being lumped into that group).

McDonald’s coffee “beat the rest,” according to Consumer Reports. It was “decent and moderately strong. Although it lacked the subtle top notes needed to make it rise and shine, it had no flaws.”

I agree.  I like the new protruding sipper lids.

As for Starbucks, its coffee “was strong, but burnt and bitter enough to make your eyes water instead of open.”

I somewhat agree.

I’m a big fan of coffee (with cream please). But, a friend of mine ruined my coffee drinking experience with one statement. He said “coffee looks and tastes like muddy water”. Now, when I drink my daily coffee with cream, I look into the cup and damn it, it looks (and sorta tastes) like muddy water!

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On a different note, do you want to know what investment bankers and M&A/LBO guys think about when they look at franchisors? They often look at breakup value and leveraging assets (primarily real estate of their company-owned stores) on the balance sheet.

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  1. shit you scared me there for a second with the Cuppy’s!

  2. I think as a general conclusion that exotic coffee concept franchises tend to do well (assuming good location, fair lease, etc.) because the core attraction is timeless and always in demand (coffee). It is easy to staff too. The “big” chains may have some brand recognition leverage, but a large enough segment of people fancy themselves as coffee conesuers.

  3. Have none of you tasted the Cuppy’s coffee??

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