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Unique Strategy to Franchising

I enjoyed reading about Unique Pizza & Subs’ franchising strategy of converting a local mom-and-pop pizza shop in each town within 100 miles of a company-owned store. In theory, I imagine this can work quite well for the franchisor with the right sales team.

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  1. Have you looked at their financials? I don’t think that the conversion strategy is working.

  2. No, I didn’t look at the financials. I took a quick look at Yahoo! finanace and didn’t see much. My guess was Unique would gain enough efficiencies (both franchisees and franchisor) if they stacked one city at a time. Looks like Unique’s management is not particularly successful or loyal to executing the plan.

  3. This is fascinating to me, as I am following the company’s stock performance. (UPZS.PK on yahoo finance)

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