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Here is a list of funny business names that could end up in a neighborhood near you.

Funny potential franchise names

funnyWizbangblog had a contest for funny business name and released the winners. Could these be good franchise names? I think they could be. Here are a some of the funniest ones:

  • a florist “Floral And Hardy”
  • franchise for “Yassin’s Used Wheelchairs”
  • a deli named “Cheeses Of Nazareth”
  • a high-tech deli named “CTRL ALT DELI”
  • a fried chicken stand in Corpus Christi called “Corpus Crispy”
  • a ental lab company called “DK Dental Labs”
  • a door-accessory shop called “Knobs And Knockers”

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I think You Need Some More Humor 


I vote for the "Stiff Nipples Air Conditioning Company", bring on the cold air!