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Crepe Franchises – A big flop

I’ve seen several Crepe restaurant + cafes lately start up in the USA.   I don’t think they’ll be successful like their cousins in Canada and Europe.  It just doesn’t make that good of a sandwich wrap for the American palate and people aren’t used to eating the dessert crepes with Nutella and sprinkled sugar.  If anyone could pull it off it’d be Lettuce Entertain You, one of the country’s most successful restaurant development firms with over 75 concepts in their portfolio…but they closed their crepe start up in Chicago a few months ago.  Here’s a few that are still trying:

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  1. “Not is good” is a matter of taste. In the right location they seem to be doing fine. Yes, Canada and Europe are a different matter. Crepes originated in France and at least Quebec is French.

    How does once explain Crazy Crepes in Taiwan, Philippines and China? That is a matter for the focus groups. I presume they did them.

  2. Like all restaurant concepts … Location, location, location. Crepe concepts are not impervious to this mantra… But perhaps they (we) havent yet suffered or thrived because we haven’t had the access to the BEST LOCATIONS

    • Sorry Neel but I think your restaurant is going to be meeting a slow and painful death. Dude, it’s not about the best locations, it’s about the concept connecting with the neighborhood and people wanting to eat there repeatedly. I guess anyone could succeed in the middle of Manhattan with a low rent, but that’s an outlier. And Ryan’s point was that the premium paid for crepes will never in the long run catch on enough to be a consistent and reliable business.

  3. Rajevie Ravindrakumar

    i just wana ask ur opinion about opening a franchise of crazy crepes here in the philippines

  4. Thank you Ryan for your input.
    But I see a lot of little crepe chains all accross the US (3-5 restaurant each) ( more than the few that you mentionned ). I don’t understand why we don’t see a nationwide chain emreging, what ‘s your point of view ?

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