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Management Recruiters International – The Bad

Back in 2006, I listed MRI (Management Recruiters International) on a list of franchises I wouldn’t buy.  Today, a commenter named Bob Stewart in the forum reiterated from his own experience which included false representations about who actually was a valid franchisee.Here is Bob’s web site listing his alleged misrepresentations, with emails from MRI and MRI’s parent company CEO.  It certainly is an interesting case study.

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  1. I cannot say where i am from or what market i work in, as an MRI franchise employee i can say that the company is not well run, completely lacks vision, and encourages transactional behavior in their employees, i have run my practice differently and billed in excess of 2.6 million for them over a period of five years. In terms of origination the number is roughly 700 k higher. My reward, well if money what turns you on, I suppose you could say is money, however since their compensation levels are roughly a 1/3rd less than any other ‘Reputable” search firm i consider my rewards to have been few. So I suppose i should be wearing ass ears. On the other hand their draconian non compete and the way corporate encourages them to work that non compete with their employees which includes such language as required to go into non binding mediation of which their is nr record. threats of lawsuits, threats of coming after you for compensatory damages, threats of destroying your reputation, and of course the ultimate threat that of you leave you cannot work as a recruiter in any industry within a certain geographical location for a period of one year without “buying” your database, which if course you built make it near impossible for the recruiter without legal knowledge to go out on their own. (it should be noted that in the case of the last item it requires you to relocate even though the majority of us don’t have clients within that geographical limit, in which case i cant recruit anywhere on earth for a year.)Although I am finding a way.

    Frankly I am not surprised by this information, this company encourages mediocrity and then wonders why their top performers look for a way out….any way out.

    They are now encouraging their offices to send out email blasts and the majority of owners seem to be oblivious to the fact the recruiting is not business that can be conducted in a meaningful way via email.

    if anyone has any information regarding being spammed by recruiting firms within the MRI family I would like to know about it. Please post it here

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