25 Units of Mod Pizza Planned for Colorado

source: http://www.coloradoan.com/story/money/business/2016/09/26/farm–table-restaurant-pizza-brewery-tap-fort-collins/90935204/

Mod Pizza assembly line. source: http://chaddsfordlive.com/
Mod Pizza assembly line. source: http://chaddsfordlive.com/

A franchisee is planning to open 25 Mod Pizza locations in Colorado over the next few years. This segment has been growing rapidly, with contenders Blaze Pizza from Wetzel Pretzel founders and Pie 5 from Pizza Inn corporate. I’ve tried them all and Blaze Pizza does have the best tasting and textured dough. Blaze bakes pizza in a Woodstone oven which gives it a different taste profile from the conveyor belt bakes from Pie 5. It is less efficient in the Woodstone oven, and consistency does suffer when 15 seconds can make the pizza go from perfect to burnt, but the vast majority turn out well baked. Any of the concepts are a safe bet at this point. Expansion through delivery, especially through services like Uber Eats, will help this business model. I’d buy it!

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