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Addictive haircuts for kids

girl sitting in chairWe already talked about Manly haircuts, now lets look at Kids haircuts. You already know that we like salon franchises because they are simple to operate, it’s fairly recession proof, labor costs are low and supplemented with tips, no perishable supplies, brand loyalty has been low in the past with Fantastic Sams and Best Cuts types being identical, and kids "experience" business are here to stay. Getting your haircut is usually not an experience one normally looks forward to, that why we believe themed salons are a great hook.

This is especially true for kids haircuts. Kids are all about the "experience" and have undeserved power in deciding where to go. Here steps in Snip Its. Check out their web site for a sense of how creative the place is designed. They cater to children of course, but also accomodate parents so the whole family can get their haircut simultaneously.

What are some special and creative attractions at this kids salon?

Glamour Parties
Snip-its Glamour Parties make girls gorgeous! A glamour party allows girls to act like divas for a day by offering hair braiding, curling and styling as well as nail polish and make-up application. Dressy clothes are provided to complete the look. The culmination of the party is a stroll on the catwalk followed by cake and favors provided by Snip-its. Snip-its even provides a camera to capture all of the fun.

Style-a-Doll Parties (Launching at Snip-its this summer!)
At Snip-its’ Style-a-Doll Parties, attendees each receive a doll inspired by Snip-its’ trademark characters, the Clipette sisters – Marlene and Charlene. The dolls have been specially created so that birthday guests can style their hair with hair clips and accessories and apply Snip-its’ cosmetics that are designed for use on the doll. Stylists are on hand to help the girls with the styles and teach them about their own grooming and styling. The girls get to bring home the doll as well as the makeup goodie bag as part of their birthday party package.

Upon entering the Snip-its salon, parents and children step into a magical, engaging, cartoon world of adventure characterized by floor-to-ceiling cartoon murals, splashy vibrant colors, music from the Snip-its soundtrack and larger than life animated cartoon characters, including Flyer Joe Dryer, Maranga Mirror, Curly Comb and Snips.

Sounds like a fun place, eh? I cannot vouche for the operations or profitability of a franchise like this, but salon-haircut franchises are typically relatively easy to operate profitably, and this one has an especially timeless and engaging theme that gives Snipits a sustainable competitive advantage. The idea is fun enough to take to local schools and charity events for extra promotions and profits. I think this is easily one of the top franchise I have reviewed so far. I’d buy it!

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  1. Very nice write up.  Looks like it was designed by the Nickelodean channel.  If it really is popular with kids, I bet the franchise can earn extra money promoting children’s toys and movies.

  2. Franchise Pundit

    Thanks :)  Good point John.  There would be many opportunities for cross-promotions.

  3. The place looks so fun. Too bad it isn’t in my town 🙁

  4. The problem I see with kids salons is it’s just kid related services. We have one several towns over, the problem is every time I go there, they don’t accept calls only walk ins, we’re the only ones there. I have to wonder why. It must be a huge investment for all that equipment, and the stylist, I wonder how they pay, I can’t seem to find information on that, but most get paid commission, so how do you keep good help when commission on kid cuts wouldn’t be much and if you pay them hourly how much money can the salon make if you pay the help more than you make on the cuts. Without additional services I’d shy away from this because I’d be afraid it would take forever to see any ROI. Is there anything else out there that would be good for the kid industry but not relient on it?

  5. We have a childrens only haircut place by my house and it’s always packed. You usualy can’t get a walk-in appt at all. I guess a lot of it depends on th location. I live in Portland.

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