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Discount Real Estate franchises are booming

With the housing market booming, bypassing and undercutting real estate commission is becoming increasingly popular. It’s even catching on in Canada with PropertyGuys.com. In the USA, the leading franchise is probably Help-U-Sell.com with 750 independently owned and operated Help-U-Sell Real Estate offices. Help-U-Sell is a fee-for-services agency that can provide all of the services of a real estate firm, or just select a basic service package for a flat $3,000. The company provides all signage, advertising and negotiations. Sellers are encouraged to show their own properties and hold open houses. There are both fans and critics of the a-la-carte real estate helpers where you pay a flat fee.

Paying a 6% commission to a real estate broker on a $500,000 home is $30,000. Alternatively, for under $5,000, you can hire a real estate attorney to represent you for a $600 flat-fee and pay Help-U-Sell $4,000 for signage, MLM listing and price negotiations. Heck, you can also post a small ad in the local newspaper and on eBay for another $100.

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I think Help-U-Sell is hot and deserves your attention, especially those interested in real estate. I’d buy it!

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