Donatos Shedding Corporate Stores

This relates to the previous blog post as it illustrates another great company selling its corporate owned stores. Donatos, who happens to make my favorite pizza, announced it sold 39 locations to a franchisee, Titan.  Titan now owns all 23 Donatos stores in Indianapolis and 16 of the 22 in Cincinnati. The other Cincinnati locations are owned by other franchisees.

The focus on franchising was originally announced in 2007 by the Columbus-based pizza chain. At that time, about three-quarters of Donatos’ locations were owned by the company. That has changed. Including the Titan deal, Donatos has 179 restaurants in six states, and 63percent are owned by franchisees.

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  1. Do you know if Donates sells their corporate owned stores to individual franchisees? I may be interested in buying one.

  2. Donatos has a great pizza so it’s not shocking that their franchise opportunity is growing. I have been reading a lot about Marco’s Pizza, in fact, I read that Marco’s is the fastest growing pizza franchise in the United States. Does anyone know if this is true?

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