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Manly haircuts

Discount hair cutting businesses such as Best Cuts and Fantastic Sams have always been remarkably profitable ventures. Two years ago a lawyer I knew purchased a Sports Clips franchise for his wife to run. He’s a smart and guy and did a lot of due diligence before hand. I can see how a themed hair salon for men featuring sports, large T.V.s, news, and manly decor can attract a steady flow of men willing to pay an extra $5 for a haircut. There’s even one called Roosters Men’s Grooming Centers that describes their business as the following:

Stocked with leather chairs, men’s magazines and TVs tuned only to news or sports…Customers at Roosters get a free beverage of their choice (including beer) and a free shoeshine. For many services such as hair coloring and waxing, separate rooms are used for privacy.

Is a guy more likely to go to a place with big screen TVs blasting sports and news, and specially catered mens attributes? Of course. Is it more fun for a dad to take his kids there for a cut? Yes. I’d strongly consider buying a franchise in this mass appeal niche, especially over the traditionals – Fantastic Sams/Best Cuts/Hair Cuttery/etc.

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  1. I’m gonna try and find a Sports Clips near me, it looks fun.  I heard some laudry-mats where putting in sports bars.

  2. that place looks stupid, at least it does in the picture.  did they spend $50 on decorating the entire place?  it could look so much better.

  3. I just went to Roosters- they have one in Charlotte, NC now. The hot lather shave was cool, so were the flat screen TVs, but I didn’t have a beer. Definitely cooler than the salon though.

  4. This is the best place I have ever been to. I love this concept !!!

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