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Pampered pets

This year, Americans will spend an estimated $40.8 billion on pets — almost double what they spent just a decade earlier, according to the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association.

With about 7.1 million U.S. pet-owning households, national brands such as Origins, Harley-Davidson and Old Navy have created pet-friendly lines of clothing, accessories and wellness products.

Entrepreneurs are following suit with an interest in the rising status of the posh pet.

At least a dozen pet-related businesses have opened in the Oklahoma City area within the past few years, including a spa and resort, a home-based pet portrait studio, bakeries, professional poop scoopers and several specialty dog boutiques.

We’ve discussed pet franchises before on this blog. All things being equal (which they never are in real life), it’s easier to be grab market share when the customer base is expanding, and the customers are accustomed to spending for posh accessories and convenience.  Unless your products or services is noticeably unique, competition will rise and prices will drop.

The poop pickup business is very good business and has been profitable for the aggressive entrepreneurs and franchisees. Pet Butler has been growing very fast and is establishing a professional brand and franchise system, Happy Tails Dog Spa enables its customers to watch their pets on a webcam all day long, and Bark Busters helps you spend more quality time with your dog by training it to behave.

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Ryan Knoll

[quote comment="528529"]it seems there are multiple lawsuits against pet butler by their own franchisees[/quote] Do you have a link or document that talks about the law suits? I would like to read about it.


[quote comment="36123"]i think an integrated pet franchise that does pet boarding, dog training, dog yard poop cleanup, dog walking, and pet grooming is the way to go. A pet owner who buys one service is likely to buy others, and it gives you the opportunity to introduce the other services with each customer. Are there any franchises that do it all?[/quote] I agree with you. I further think Veterinarians are a prime franchisee for that type of service. Petsmart is close in the market with grooming, pet supplies, and pet hotels, but they do not offer the Vets as far as I know. Additionally, I think an upscale pet cafe or "Vet Caretakers" franchise would be a great concept for you entrepreneur/franchisor readers.


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