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Smart Money Buys Dominos Franchisee In Japan

Bain Capital employs some of the smartest financial and strategic professionals in the USA.  Bain Capital originally funded Dominos Pizza back in the late 1990’s and reaped a hefty profit when it went public in 2004.  Now, Bain Capital is jumping back in with Dominos by acquiring the Japanese master franchisee, who delivers pizzas that often cost over $40 in Japan.  With Bain’s history in Dominos, I would bet that this is a smart investment.

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  1. Fascinating. Bain has some sharp people. My gut would have me doing a real double take on this, but Bain sees an opportunity. Got to got with the pros here, though I would be more confident if Mitt Romney was still on board.

    Go Bain…

  2. $40 for a pizza in Japan is ridiculously high. Food in Japan is more expensive, but a typical restaurant lunch or dinner would cost between $10-20. I doubt many would spend twice that for average American pizza.

  3. Dominos franchise has always been hot favorite for franchisers. With Bain investing more capital will definitely reap more benefits.

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