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Business Networking Franchise

I know a few people who have attended BNI meetings in Chicago, and have had a positive experience.  There is a lot of niche competition in this arena, but it could make a mildly profitable side business if you are passionate about networking, like calling and staying on top of people, and love socializing.

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  1. I prefer networking events that are more organized and make more of an effort to introduce everyone to each other. I haven’t heard of BNI but I imagine they are more than just a “6:30pm cocktail hour” followed by a “7:30pm speech by Mr. XXXXX on topic XXXXXX”.

  2. I was invited to a BNI breakfast. Many passionate folks love this kind of networking. Me I prefer the chambers of commerce. But I guess if you’re a hypnotist, nutritionist, it might be a good deal of meeting others.

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