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New Quiznos Lawsuits

Quiznos is facing more class-action lawsuits over delays in getting locations approved for its franchisees, and keeping their $25,000 franchise fee. More from the Denver Post article: The case alleges “deceptive business practices” in the company’s franchise sales method and demands that the company stop selling franchises in New Jersey until all existing franchisees get locations or are refunded their ... Read More »

Quiznos Sales & Profitablity – Summary Report

Quiznos Sales and Profitability.pdf “former owner”, a commenter on this site, left a tip on a document posted at the Toasted Subs Franchisee Association. The document purports to be a summary on Quiznos store profitability. Is it legitimate and accurate? I have no idea, but it’s probably in the ballpark. It’s apparently based on estimates gathered by franchisee sources reporting. ... Read More »

Quiznos gets toasted with lawsuit

It looks like the Quiznos franchisees are not standing by in the face of apparent fraud: The primary allegations of the complaint are that the franchisees were harmed by the company’s "deceptive recruitment practices" and "failure to deal in good faith" when it took franchise fees from the plaintiffs, but refused to approve locations to open Quizno’s stores. In addition, ... Read More »

Unintended Franchise Killer – Street and Rail Construction Projects

Imagine you have the perfect location for your franchise near a stadium with lots of pedestrian traffic. You spend $450,000 to get your first franchise built and ready. Opening week was wonderful with sales of $12,000 and subsequents weeks continue on with profits. Then, a major light rail construction project starts out front and blocks your sidewalk. After a few ... Read More »

Where’s the Beef? You’re Terminated!

Imagine if you were a franchisee and a mystery shopper from the franchisor anonymously visited your store and ordered a sandwich.  The meat in the sandwich you served happened to be 1/2 an ounce smaller that the standard 4.5 ounces.  Would it be fair to lose your franchise because of default?  You did break the rules, eh?  But what if ... Read More »

Dream Dinners Hammered by Forbes

Dream Dinners is an example of good idea but profit challenged business model.   It’s just too expensive to attract and retain customers. A Forbes article looked through the Dream Dinners FDD from the state of Washington, and focused on the required audited financial statements. As of Dec. 31, the company boasted $2.9 million in assets, against which it carried ... Read More »

Domino’s Subs

As if the sub sandwich category wasn’t crowded enough, Domino’s Pizza is adding sub sandwiches to its menu and delivery service.  The $4.99 oven-baked sub sandwiches will include classic favorites like Philly Cheese Steak and Chicken Bacon Ranch. The move comes five months after Pizza Hut began delivering baked pasta dishes as well as pizzas. And it will be a ... Read More »

Journey of a Franchisee

A Pizza Pizza franchisee in Ontario recounts his decision to buy into the system, the training, paying the franchise fee, and steps along the way to opening. Atlanta Bread Co. and Sbarro bail from the Macon, Georgia mall. “40 percent of Quiznos units are not breaking even” Read More »

Independent Franchisee Associations

BusinessWeek documented Bhupinder “Bob” Baber founding of the Quiznos Subs Franchise Assn and its litigation soap opera.  The independent franchisee associations of Diary Queen, Subway, and few others are also mentioned along with their individual legal battles with the franchisors.  For example, Dairy Queen franchisees litigated over the new DQ Grill ‘n’ Chill concept, and Subway franchisees litigated over a ... Read More »

Beef & Salads

Personally, I prefer the Pepperblue Steak Sandwich from Panera Bread. Several chains introduced new beef sandwiches: But it was the beef sandwiches that debuted in 2006 that seemed the most inventive. In February, Quiznos introduced its Prime Rib and Peppercorn Sub, followed by its Prime Rib Cheesesteak in September. Subway rolled out two premium steak sandwiches of its own, the ... Read More »

Common Areas of Dispute

Interesting article in the Dallas Morning News highlighting common “disagreement” points between franchisees/franchisors. This week, Pizza Inn Inc. said it is being sued by former franchisees who say the company, based in The Colony, “intentionally and negligently misrepresented development and operation costs.” Subway parent Doctor’s Associates Inc. faces two lawsuits filed this summer stemming in part from a fight for ... Read More »

The Friday Franchise Five: I’d Wouldn’t Buy These

I came across a few franchsies that I would not want to own: Snack-In-The-Box: UK based firm that delivers candy to the workplace (difficult to work and sell) Nick-N-Willy (founded by former Quiznos exec)/Take-and-Bake: this take-and-bake pizza idea where cusotmer get the raw dough with toppings didn’t catch on 10 years ago, and won’t catch on despite some short-term success ... Read More »

Who is looking out for your interests?

I was surprised to learn from this article that Quiznos pays commissions to its Florida outside real estate firm, Kotis Properties, to sign up franchisees. Possible conflict of interest? In addition to helping find sites, Kotis Properties will also be helping Quiznos sign up new franchisees. It seems this sales practice, along with high pressure seminars, is becoming more common ... Read More »

Franchisor Mentions

VERY OUT OF DATE.  Do a search instead.  This was manually updated March 21, 2006 Companies Mentioned in Posts (likely incomplete):Automotive 1-800 RADIATORS Oil Butler Lube N’ Go On-Site-Lube Business & Home Services 1-800-WATER-DAMAGE Bartercard Garagetek Help-U-Sell Home Instead Homewatch Caregivers My Girl Friday Sears Carpet & Upholstery Tax Centers of America Cleaning & Maintenance none Computer & Internet ... Read More »