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Who is looking out for your interests?

quiznos-spray.jpgI was surprised to learn from this article that Quiznos pays commissions to its Florida outside real estate firm, Kotis Properties, to sign up franchisees. Possible conflict of interest?

In addition to helping find sites, Kotis Properties will also be helping Quiznos sign up new franchisees.

It seems this sales practice, along with high pressure seminars, is becoming more common in the franchise industry.

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  1. Quizno’s is definitely up to no good. I wrote a post linked to one of your previous posts on Quiznos ony my blog. Here is the link:


    Keep up the investigation!

  2. Interesting experience, Dan. I updated the post with a link to your recount.

  3. Seems to resemble the investigative reports on “get rich quick” seminars or those real estate seminars you see on late night TV.

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