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Who Controls the Ads, Franchisee or Franchisor?

source: USA Today

Which donut hole do you prefer, the “A Hole” or “B Hole?”  That is ruffling feather of some franchisees.

Unfortunatley, there is not much the franchisees can do about it legally.  Franchisees can only voice their opinion, sometimes it works:

Burger King recently acquiesced to franchisee pressure to tone down its advertising. In the spring, consumer groups and franchisees said that a kids meal with a SpongeBob SquarePants cartoon character giveaway was too sexy. In the ad, women with square derrieres dance to Baby Got Back. Same-store sales for Burger King are due at the end of the month, but on Monday, its largest franchisee reported a 5.5% sales drop in the quarter.

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  1. These franchisees should quite complaining. Franchisees always think they are god’s gift to marketing.

  2. Really… advertisement has a great impact on sales due to the degree or level of influence it may have on its viewers. Thus, franchisees are just being factual of how this ads affect their business to make the franchisors know if the ads have done something good or bad to their sales.

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