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If I could do it over!
If I could do it over!

BEWARE of the franchise 123 Fit, 30 minute circuit training. They SUCK!!! You will lose your money. The losers behind this are none other than Rick Schaden and Brooksy Smith. Both big names from Quiznos. About 20 clubs have already closed down. And more closing. They tell you that you are going to break even at 400 members. HA. Its more like 800 to 1000 members before you will make any money. You have rent which is anywhere from 3000 + nnns to $6000, 5% royalties, 1% adverising fund, bookkeeping fees, music fees, cintas fees, insurance, advertising that you are suppose to do monthly on top of the 1% adv fund, employees, credit card fees, and of course lets not forget all the marketing stuff you are suppose to buy through company they want you too. Their marketing ideas are worthless. They have brought more corporate losers over that are bailing out from Quiznos. And even some of them have realized what a bad concept this is and have bailed out again. They have lawsuits against them. But lets not forget this big lie. This so called revolutionary exclusive "simbio equipment" that they led you to believe is only for the 123 Fit franchise is the BIGGEST LIE. Get on the Lifefitness website and you can buy this equipment yourself! So who needs to pay them $176,000 to $229,000. Oh yeah, they mark up the equipment so they make some off that too. There may be 2 or 3 clubs that may be making a slight profit, but thats because they live at their club. AND BEWARE of the so called BIZ Fit software that is suppose to show you financially what you are capable of making. It is a joke. Half the time it freezes up your computer, or you cant open it. It has membership prices already in, but what they fail to tell you is when a club has maybe 400, 500, 600 members, only about half of that is paying membership dues, because the others are add ons. That is where it gets deceiving. So its not 600 people times $49, it would be more like 600 times $20 or $25. Then they sucker you into buying more than one, knowing you will never be able to afford to open it. And the so called 123 fit consultant that supposedly is their to guide you, DOES NOT EXIST. They wont be around long. IF you are still interested then d your RESEARCH......Call every owner, go back into their old website archives (waybackwhen.com) and find out who has really disappeared. You have been warned!!


I'm at that wonderfully optimistic stage of the franchise search when I still have my investment dollarsin my pocket and am surveying the landscape, trying to figure out the best investment home for it. I've had trouble finding sites that give me an unbiased comparison of franchises in terms of return on investment, time to break-even, and pluses and minuses of owning that franchise. Are you able to recommend any? One type of franchise I'm considering is tax preparation services (H&R Block, Jackson Hewitt, Liberty). Do you have any information (the good, the bad and the ugly) on investing with them? I really appreciate it! Pam